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Detail for Clemens (non Papa): Conserva me, Domine
Title: Conserva me, Domine  
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Composer: Clemens (non Papa) (c. 1515-c. 1556)
Scoring: SATB
Liturgical Use: Lent; Penitential Seasons
Language: Latin
Catalog #: NDC038
Duration: ca. 5 minutes
Price: $3.95
Remarks: The text of this affecting composition was assembled using stray verses from a half-dozen separate passages from the Bible, mostly psalms. In setting this unusual text, the composer assigns the top voice a different key signature from the lower three voices, the practice known as “partial signatures”. The musical result is a kind of poly-modality which heightens the harmonic and melodic urgency in the musical expression of the text's fervent plea.   View Sample Score
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