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Clemens (non Papa) (c. 1515-c. 1556)
Clemens (non Papa) (c. 1515-c. 1556) was a Dutch composer who spent much of his career as chapel master to Philippe II de Croÿ, a Belgian nobleman who commanded troops for the Hapsburg-Burgundian Emperor Charles V.  After the prince’s death in 1549, the composer remained in the service of the de Croÿ family.  In response to a request made by archduke Maximilian in 1553 to employ “maitre Clement” as a chapel master, Philippe III de Croÿ indicated that Clemens was not a suitable candidate for employment because he was a dissolute drunkard.  This candid assessment may explain why Clemens never occupied a prominent position at a major musical establishment like others of his generation.  Notwithstanding his personal demons, he was immensely prolific and was able to publish a considerable body of his large output.  Thus, his music gained wide currency especially in northern territories and exerted a strong influence on composers of the next generation as diverse as Lassus and Byrd.  
St Sauveur Cathedral, Bruges
Works of Clemens published by Notre Dame Choir Editions
NDC038: Conserva me Domine
NDC050: Angelus Domini
NDC052: Vox clamantis in deserto
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