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Detail for Byrd: Vide Domine afflictionem
Title: Vide Domine afflictionem  
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Composer: William Byrd (c. 1543-1623)
Scoring: SATTB
Liturgical Use: Penitiential Seasons
Language: Latin
Catalog #: NDC060
Duration: ca. 8 minutes
Price: $5.95
Remarks: The text of this motet has neither a Biblical or liturgical source but, like several other similar texts set by Byrd, was also set by Clemens (non Papa), a composer who was known for his choice of unusual texts of a penitential cast. Bearing no musical similarity to Clemens’s setting and conceived on a large-scale, Byrd’s motet ranks among his most moving compositions – many vivid expressive details including moments of bold chromaticism, are molded into a broadly unfolding musical discourse that when well-managed is heart wrenching in its cumulative impact. ("Grant us, Lord, your long-desired peace... and have mercy on your sighing and weeping people.")   View Sample Score
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