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Detail for Taverner: Dum transisset
Title: Dum transisset Sabbatum (I)  
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Composer: John Taverner (c. 1490-1545)
Scoring: SATBarB
Liturgical Use: Easter Sunday
Language: Latin
Catalog #: NDC034
Duration: ca. 6 minutes
Price: $3.95
Remarks: A responsory motet which inaugurated a new practice in 16th century polyphonic respond settings by presenting the verses ordinarily chanted by the choir in florid polyphony while allowing the soloist’s chants to remain as unadorned plainchant [a reversal of the practice until then]. In the polyphonic sections, the plainchant treads steadily in even note values surrounded by the composer’s characteristic arching and soaring melodic phrases. The stylistic contrast between chant and polyphony could not be more dramatic and results in a work of unmatched choral splendor as befits this Easter morning text [the two Mary's arrive at the tomb to anoint Christ's body and find...Alleluia].   View Sample Score
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