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Detail for Tallis: Salvator mundi (II)
Title: Salvator mundi (II)  
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Composer: Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585)
Scoring: SATTB
Liturgical Use: Exaltation of the Cross
Language: Latin
Catalog #: NDC005
Duration: ca. 3 minutes
Price: $2.95
Remarks: This motet may have begun life as a 2 voice instrumental canon (or round) that grew through a process of revision and expansion into a sonorous and majestic composition for 5 voices. It was published in its final form in the Cantiones, quæ ab argumento sacræ of 1575, the first printed collection of sacred polyphony in England and the joint effort of Tallis and his pupil, William Byrd.   View Sample Score
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