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Detail for Compère: Crux triumphans
Title: Crux triumphans  
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Composer: Loyset Compère (c. 1445-1518)
Scoring: SATB
Liturgical Use: Veneration of the Cross
Language: Latin
Catalog #: NDC002
Duration: ca. 6 minutes
Price: $4.95
Remarks: The music of this expressive motet of veneration and supplication is molded directly from the non-liturgical devotional prayer that is its text. Each phrase of the prayer is given separate and distinct musical treatment, alternating simple chordal declamation with a variety of polyphonic textures, contrasting voice groupings and imitative techniques – all used to render the text with the maximum dramatic impact and an almost madrigalian immediacy. Indeed, the work is distinctly “modern” in its directness of expression and in the sensitivity of its word setting.   View Sample Score
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