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Johannes Regis (c. 1425-c. 1496)
This contemporary of Ockeghem whose music is even less well-known (if that’s possible), was a canon at the collegiate church of St. Vincent at Soignies in what is now Belgium and may have been a colleague of Guillaume Dufay at Cambrai. His music provides an important stylistic connection between the music of Dufay and Josquin Desprez. Tinctoris, the 15th century music theorist, praised Regis’ music for its varietas, a quality also exhibited in the music of other composers of this period, such as Ockeghem, Obrecht and Josquin. Varietas, as an æsthetic principle, can be described as “diversity of musical technique in every conceivable fashion…. The melodic line is at all times to bring something new, unexpected, surprising. Irregularity is sought after, rather than the well-ordered.”  
15th century MS Illumination
Works of Regis published by Notre Dame Choir Editions
NDC014: Ave Maria
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