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Jacquet of Mantua (1483-1559)
A French-born singer and composer whose full name was Jacques Colebault, spent most of his professional career in the service of Ercole Cardinal Gonzaga, Bishop of Mantua and a reformer who played a significant role in the Counter-Reformation as the president of the Council of Trent. A prolific composer of sacred music, Jacquet left almost 2 dozen masses, over 100 motets, along with hymns, psalms and magnificats. His music was so highly regarded that he received an honor afforded few other composers before mid-century - the publication of several volumes devoted solely to his compositions. Through these published collections, his music became widely known throughout Europe and influenced the style of the succeeding generation of composers, especially Palestrina, Lassus and Monte.  
Singers in procession at San Marco, Venice
Works of Jacquet published by Notre Dame Choir Editions
NDC055: Aspice Domine
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