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NDC Editions, Inc. was founded in 1999 to furnish choral singers with reliable, reasonably priced editions of significant and attractive a cappella masses, motets and other works drawn from the lesser-known areas of the sacred choral music repertory. Appearing under the imprint Notre Dame Choir Editions, our catalog features polyphonic compositions from the early to late Renaissance that have not been published before, or have appeared in editions that are relatively inaccessible, cost prohibitive or difficult for modern performers to use. Each composition has been chosen for its intrinsic beauty, singability, and usefulness in liturgical contexts or concert settings.

Our scores balance the demands of historically informed scholarship with practical considerations for the non-specialist mixed-voice choir. This modern approach to the presentation of the musical texts stems from our experience rehearsing and performing Renaissance polyphony with moderately experienced amateur and semi-professional choral groups.

Keeping to the sound-ideal of an unaccompanied mixed voice choir, we also publish a select number of pieces from later periods, including quality contemporary works.

Notre Dame Choir Editions feature:
blue square large-size, easy-to-read format (8.5 x 11" folios)
blue square spacious, uncluttered musical texts printed on heavy paper
blue square original texts, translations & suggestions for liturgical use
blue square word underlay, transpositions & performer accidentals fully considered
blue square editorial commentary with sources, historical & biographical information

Notre Dame Choir Editions are distributed exclusively by C. F. Peters Corporation of New York and Peters Edition Limited of London.

16th century manuscript illumination

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